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Greetings Cruisers

I hope you are all well and looking forward to your upcoming cruises, it seems everyone and their dog are looking at trying to find a late deal on a cruise to the sunshine, many having little luck, so for all those that booked last year for this year, give yourselves a pat on the back, it truly pays to book early.

Actually not long for me either, however I am not going on a cruise I am heading off to Bulgaria with my extended family of 11 !!

Righto let me reign it in and get back to what I wanted to blog about today.

Packing and embarking your ship, yep we all hate it but it is something we have to do, and it surprises me how many of us leave it to the very last minute, I know I am personally one of those that leaves packing to the very last minute, luckily I checked for my passport a couple of months ago and found it missing from the only place I ever keep it, blimey what a sweat on I had, anyways I decided just to report it lost and renewed it asap. If I hadn’t bothered to check I would defo not be going on my holiday. Also please always double check the departure date, again it always surprises me the amount of calls I get asking what date they cruise is leaving ! no word of a lie, I just laugh and come out with some sarcastic comment, at least they did check !

So with all this in mind I thought I would add a link below for all those that decide to pack last minute and organise their trip down to the port at the very last minute, I will say I have only ever had 1 customer turn up to the port a day late, luckily we were able to finds them a flight to the very first port, so actually they were very lucky.

Right you know who you are, get reading and have fun on your cruise.

Now where did I put my speedos !

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