Ryanair are a joke!

Well you have read the news.  Ryanair are planning to cancel 40-50 flights a day…..yes A DAY because they have messed up their pilots holiday rota’s!!! I thought Michael O’Leary’s hair brained idea of ‘low cost standing room only on his flights’ was nonsense but  I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this news.  Firstly are all their pilots taking holiday in Sept-Oct ?  Is there a cheap deal we don’t know about and all the staff at Ryanair are off on their jollies?

Secondly…how has this happened? Is this just an excuse and there is something else wrong in the background of this budget airline? Because of this ‘mistake’ thousands of passengers are stranded all over Europe, whether waiting to fly for holiday or business or waiting to return home.

Social media stories are suggesting people are actually arriving at the airport and finding out that their flight is actually cancelled.  Ryanair have posted a list of their cancelled flights from today and is to continue over the next six weeks.  I do not think there will be happy pictures like the above at check in desks around Europe for a long time.

Will this stop you from flying with Ryanair in the future?



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