I’m going to be a Celebrity again

In a couple of weeks time I will be visiting Celebrity Eclipse.  It has been about 10 years since I worked on board Celebrity cruises and I have a feeling thing may have changed a little.

I used to run the duty free shops department on Infinity which is a Millennium class ship which is a little smaller than Eclipse which is a Solstice class ship.  The Solstice ships were just being thought of when ii was working on board.  I remember all the crew congregating in the theatre and we were told of the plans for this fantastic new ship class.  Alas I didn’t get the chance to work on Solstice because I came home to work on land.  Now it is my opportunity to see this ship…and as a guest too.


Eclipse has a feature called the lawn club, real grass on the top deck so you can get food from the buffet restaurant and have your own little picnic in the, well hopefully in the sunshine. I will get as many pictures as I can and I am sure i will reminisce about the time I spent working on board.  I wonder if there ate any familiar face still working on her, wouldn’t that be great to see old cruise friends.

Anyway be prepared for blogs about my time on board





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