I am off to New York

Well, it has been over 12 years since I have visited the ‘Big Apple’.  That time was with 30 friends to celebrate a friends 30th Birthday.  The weekend was quite a fuzzy one as you could appreciate and I didn’t really take in the fact that I was actually in New York.

This time however I am with some friends from work and I am definitely going to try and see as many of the tourist attractions I missed last time I was there.

New York 2

It has not been plain sailing though.  I originally booked my flights with American Airlines over a year ago to fly direct from Birmingham to John F Kennedy.  In January this year I saw the news that American Airlines are cancelling their route from Birmingham.  As I live about 20 minutes from the airport, lets say Birmingham is my preferred choice.

So now I have had to change my flights to go from Heathrow and travel down a day earlier.  Also I have joined a group on facebook who talk about everything to do with New York, and there were grumblings about the hotel we have booked.  Fortunately the grumblings seem to be hearsay.  However as travel agents we can hold certain hotel rooms and not pay for them until the last minute so we do have a back up plan.

So I will be drinking a Manhattan in Manhattan in the next few weeks.  Have a nice day.



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