Drinks on a ship

This is a question we get asked as agents many times.  What are the price of drinks on board?

Now different cruise lines offer different packages.  It really depends on how much you drink and I hate asking that question.  It sounds like i’m saying my clients like one too many.  Many cruise lines like Royal Caribbean and Celebrity are offering ‘free drinks package’ but only on ocean view cabins or higher.  I believe they add the price of the drinks package into the cruise cost ( so it covers their costs )

P&O do not really offer a drinks package as their drinks are priced as £ sterling and  the prices are similar to prices in bars ashore.  It is the American lines whose individual drinks prices are higher than we pay in bars over here with the 15% gratuity added onto every drink.  Mind you the measures are a little larger with spirit drinks.

Fred Olsen, at the moment are offering a free drinks package and from what I can see their fares have not increased too dramatically to cover the drinks cost (maybe because Fred’s is a British cruise line)

All you have to do is remember that whether the drinks are ‘all included’ or you buy them separately you are on a ship and the seas may be very calm and if you have one too many you may find yourself walking a little strange.  Or worst of all you could think that you are the master of Karaoke and think you sing like an angel……


I can tell you my voice was appalling!!



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