Do famous people cruise?

Cruising is not for everyone I know.  However if you were famous would you confine yourself to a 2000 passenger ship sailing to amazing ports of call?

Ed Sheeran recently took over part of the Queen Mary 2 sailing from New York to Southampton.  In typical Ed Sheeran style he rocked up at Brooklyn terminal and asked for the cheapest cabin going. Not that he cant afford a Queens Grill though, however his friend with whom he was travelling with did not like flying.

Ed took over one of the  many conference rooms on board and apparently started writing his new album.  However as you probably know Cunard have a dress policy on board so you have to dress for dinner to use the Britannia restaurant.  In typical chic but scruffy Sheeran style, Ed did not posses any dining attire so he had to eat in the buffet restaurant.

Of cause there are the  Celebrity Chef’s who make an appearance on board, Jamie Oliver for Anthem of the Seas and Marco Pierre White for P&O to name a few.

However I did spot a couple of famous faces on my latest cruise to Dublin.  Our future King was on board !

Prince Charles

Even the Smurfs joined in


Looks like Delboy is doing a deal with Luigi from the Mario Bros…..look out for the new range of Pucca Pizza’s

Delboy and Luigi

So you see some Celebrities still love life on the ocean wave.



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