Mobility scooters Should they be allowed on cruises?

I read this article today about Mobility scooters on cruises . What is your opinion on this do you think they should be allowed or not?? Have your say……………………………………….

Fred Olsen and P & O allow them but only in an adapted cabin , due to the size of them as you would need a wider door  to be able move around the cabin . A lot people complain saying they want to take their scooter but want a certain cabin.

Scooters have become more of a fashion statement for some people since Madge from Benidorm had one . It seems every other person you speak to has one or would like to take one with them on their cruise in case they might need it. I think it is a good idea that some sort of  limit is put on them and for safety reasons they should only be allowed in designated cabins. If those people say but I can walk perfectly fine un aided I want a certain balcony cabin then really it begs to question do they really need the scooter at all??. Some of these scooters are so large they take up a lot of room it would be impossible to fit two down the corridor of some ships side by side.

To sum up I feel it may be better to have an amount of cabins for people taking scooters and  so many for them that are disabled only. When they have limited disabled cabin already is it really fair to take one of them disabled cabin ?

I had a lady the other day who really needed a disabled cabin we were really struggling to find one as they were all taken. Eventually we got her one, not on her first choice of cruise itinerary. P&O Cruises recommended  a supplier, Mobility at Sea, they provide a number of different items for hire including items tailored to specific mobility requirements or sizes. Mobility at Sea can be contacted on 0800 328 1699. All items are subject to availability and must be ordered and paid for in advance.

please click here to find out more about disabled cabins or mobility etc you can take on board



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