Oh I Do Like To Be By The Seaside….

Wow! I am sure you will when you see what MSC have on offer in the shape of their new ship “Seaside.” This is the 2nd new ship of this year from MSC and I think she looks amazing! She is due to be christened in Miami on the 21st December, I am sure you will be seeing and hearing a lot more about her.

MSC as you probably know are an Italian cruise line and used to be called the “marmite” of the cruise industry. Why? I really dont know. They have come on in leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, and I think they are paying so much attention to detail on these new ships, they are really giving other cruise lines a run for their money.  So what is great about this new ship?

The ship will take 4,134 passengers which may sound large, but there are larger ships out there. 73% of cabins are outside or balconies. There is a double-width promenade on Deck 8  with bars and restaurants. But, the piece de resistance on this ship is the “condo cabins”  complete with wraparound balconies and (wait for it) aft outside elevators. I hear these staterooms are jaw dropping.

One of the main features of any MSC ship is the main atrium with the signature Swarovski crystal staircase, this is the same on the Seaside – rising up 4 decks.  Entertainment on board will feature a mixture of everything, and as the ship is mainly geared for the US market, it will be interesting to see if this captures the attention of the American clientele.  Food on board I think sounds smashing from seafood to french bistro, teppanyaki (japanese) to the big American steakhouse, as well as the buffet restaurants of which they are two on this ship. (from experience, they have everything!)

I haven’t even touched on the waterslides or the zip line (much better than Royal Caribbean they say!), or the pools – needless to say they will be fabulous!

Marmite? I love Marmite, and even though I am not a lover of big ships, I really do like MSC. I like the way that they are evolving, they are taking on the other cruise lines out there. I love the decor inside the ships, and I do like the food on board.  This brings me to perhaps the main criticism of MSC. They DO take the comments of food on board and are changing menus, places to eat etc. This ship will be for the American clients who are fierce critics, so it has to be right. And I am sure it will.

It is early days of course, she is not even christened yet! Look out for her in the press, or on our website, because she is going to be big!

If you have sailed with MSC before, would you sail on her OR more importantly those of you that have never sailed with MSC – this is your chance to give them a go!


Till next time x





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