The Caribbean Is Back In Business…….

Yes, some ports of call are back in business as if nothing has happened, yet they are a couple who are “getting there.”  Alot of you have expressed concern about travelling to the Caribbean since the Irma and Maria hurricanes. Don’t forget that they are used to this, and whilst I do not say that lightly, what I mean is the area is prone to them. These people rely on tourism, so, we need to support by going back there.

There may have been changes to your itineraries, I know it is always disappointing however, you are all paying alot of money and certainly do not want to visit some island where they are still rebuilding and perhaps not safe.  I recently read the following updates on the islands, however it is worth noting that things do change.

Antigua escaped a lot of damage, unfortunately Barbuda the sister island was severely impacted.  Aruba was not affected, you may see some of your amended itineraries now visiting here.   In the Bahamas, Nassau is now reopen and fine. There are of course some of the cruise line’s private islands in the area, these are all reopen.

Barbados, Bermuda and Bonaire,  Cuba, Curacao are all fine. Dominican Republic all escaped major damage.  Grenada, Haiti, Montserrat, Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenadines, St Lucia, are all fine.

The Florida Keys were badly hit. Happy to report that Key West is now up and running. Haiti back to normal. Martinique opened on September 20th. Puerto Rico took an awful hit, a work in progress however, shops and business are getting back to normal. Turks & Caicos again took a hit, they are getting back to normal in the coming weeks.

Then we have the islands which are “re-opening” soon. These are Anguilla, Guadeloupe, St Croix, St John, St Maarten, St Thomas, and Tortola.  Barbuda, Dominica, St Barts, St Martin are currently closed.

The Caribbean is a large area, and if you have had your itinerary changed, do not lose heart, it really is for your benefit.  Lastly, I would say that all of the people I have spoken to who have just come back, have said it was wonderful.  Good to hear!

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