It’s Official I Really Do Live In A Great City!

As if I didn’t know that Newcastle is one great city to live in but now “Rough Guides” have declared Newcastle the best place in the WORLD to visit!!  Wow, we have beaten Belize, Jordan, New Orleans, South Africa to name but a few!

All of you out there who think Newcastle is just full of “Geordie Shore” Brown Ale and Newcastle United – you should think again.  My city is one fantastic place.  We have the wonderful Tyne Bridge, the Sage, the Baltic,  great restaurants, great pubs and of course the very famous Geordie hospitality! All of these wonderful places and the fact that we are planning to host with Gateshead, the great exhibition of the north next summer, was apparently a deciding factor with the judges to give us this great honour!

I love this statement, and I quote – “Specifically, the judges praised Newcastle’s ‘Geordie geniality’ and its ‘notoriously lively’ nightlife, which is often depicted as involving excessive alcohol consumption and minimal clothing!”  I think alot of people who have never been to Newcastle do really think we all love a drink, never wear a coat and a bit thick! (well 2 of these might be a little true, I will leave that for you to guess!)

Joking aside, I think this is a great coup for the city, which has always been renowned for shipbuilding and manufacturing.  Every city does get a bit “tired” and I know a lot of cities in this country have undergone the same transformation as we have. However, (and yes I am of course biased) what other city in the UK is so friendly?

It does seem very weird that we have beaten the likes of South Korea, Russia and Chile, but you know what – they obviously do not have that charm that we Geordies have!

On that rather proud Geordie moment, I wish you all a very happy Christmas and look forward to planning your next cruise.  All the best I’m off to the pub!

Till next time x






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