Give Solo Travellers A Fair Deal!

Well, I am having a rant again! We all know that solo travel is a booming market. ABTA has estimated that 12% of British people travelled on their own in 2017. Abta has also noted that solo travel is most popular with the over 65 age group who are and I quote, “time and cash rich.”  Is this why cruise lines are still charging a huge supplement for singles? Is it because they know/think they all have a ton of money to spend?!

There are an awful lot of travel companies out there who are totally concentrating on the single market for land based holidays and I have to admit i think the prices they advertise seem really good. The cruising market does have it’s winners for singles, thankfully but there is still so much more room for improvement.  We have news nearly every day of these brand new super duper ships being built but are they catering for singles in so much as giving more allocation for single cabins? If they are, are they going to keep the prices a bit more realistic? Time will tell.

Let me concentrate then on the companies who DO offer more in single capacity and good rates.   This week Fred Olsen have been given an award for the best cruise line for a solo traveller – well done Fred!   Cruise & Maritime are now on sale for 2019 and  currently offering half price for singles – another well done!  Riviera Travel offer cracking deals on their river cruises for singles, as well as Voyages Of Antiquity.

NCL cruises have a great selection of studio cabins for single travellers and the new Saga ship, Spirit of Discovery will have more then 100 single cabins – now were talking!

Is this enough though?  At this moment in time there are no plans (i think) for any cruise line to totally have singles on them but i do think in time, someone will do this.

if you are a single traveller, who in your opinion is the best?  I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

As always, till next time x



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