Do You Use The Berlitz Cruising Guide?

Seems everyone uses some kind of guide, from the TV to buying a bed or a washing machine. It is not any different in the cruising world. The Berlitz guide to cruising has been on the go for over 30 years and a lot of people do read it. The guide provides a really good in depth review of over 300 cruise ships. It also gives you some great information on which cruise lines are bringing out new ships, destinations, themed, and special cruises, and loads of other information. When you write a review to us and it is published on our site you will be sent one – highly coveted I hear!

A couple of my clients have asked me this week is this guide worth it? Oo, that is a million dollar question!  Without saying anything negative about the guide, I think you have to remember that it is written by one person who travels the world trying and testing all these great ships. However, do you just get his opinion? Well, yes, I guess you do.  But, what I would say is it is a brilliant book to read if not for all the general information it has, such as really in depth information on the ships. The guide then goes on to rate each and every ship. The highest points it can give is 2000 so you can get a rating from say 1300 right upto 1900 – that is pretty good!

Of course, you or I may disagree on these ratings and the opinions, but as a general guide it’s not bad.  Do I use it? I wouldn’t say I use it but I have checked things on it before making my decision for my clients.  For me it is all about my own personal experience of ships, destinations and also on what YOU tell me.

I do have to say that I do agree on Berlitz best ship rating which is the Europa 2 from Hapag Lloyd cruises. You may or may not have heard of it but boy this ship is something special. I was very lucky to be one of the “favoured” industry specialists to cruise on the inaugural voyage when the ship was launched in 2013. As the ship is German you do get an awful lot of European clientele on board , which I don’t mind at all but for some of us Brits, that does put you off.  Maybe in time she is worth a look at – which brings me right back to the guide!

Please do keep writing your reviews, people do read them! Please keep sending me your own experiences too along with any tips – I love that as i can pass onto your fellow cruisers.  Lastly I am sorry i couldn’t get a picture of 2018 guide – hope last years will do!

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