Do You Turn Left Or Right?

Have you ever upgraded your flights from economy to either business or first class? You would be surprised at how many people do and the level of availability, believe it or not these classes of flights tend to sell very quickly.  This week on TV there was a fabulous programme about first class travel with Singapore Airlines, all I can say is wow!

Singapore Airlines have recently completed  a half billion pound upgrade on their first class cabin and bought 5 new airbus’s costing 350 million pounds! That is an awful lot of dosh!  Why you may ask. Well, first class passengers of course bring in the revenue, some tickets can cost anything from £15,000 upwards. Then there is the honour of being the most luxurious airline in the sky and lastly of course there is so much competition out there, mostly from the Middle Eastern airlines.

So what does all this money bring you?  I have to say if i ever had the money to travel first class it would be with Singapore Airlines.  The first class cabins are now called suites, they are all individual, have their own sliding door and window blinds to give you all the privacy you want. They have leather armchairs which move so you can sit in this chair as it turns to face the flat facing bed or move the chair to  face the windows or TV.  The food is as good as you would get in a first class restaurant. Over 1,000 entertainment options –movies, television programmes, music, games and apps – on a 23-inch personal LCD with Bose noise-cancelling headphones.  The wonderful service starts from the minute you check in with your own queue (of course) and airport lounge then free flowing champagne on board.  I also forgot to mention that couples can have their own suite together which has a double bed.

I have been very lucky in my travel years to fly business and first class. Most memorable flights for me were with Eva Air to Bangkok, who at the time did not have first class but business which was like first – that was pretty amazing.  The best experience by far was first class with Virgin Atlantic. I thought at the time it was wonderful. I slept many hours on the flat bed, ate the most wonderful food I have ever tasted on a aircraft and just in general had an amazing flight experience but after watching this programme on Singapore Airlines, it really has given me the taste of the good life! (sorry Mr M!)

If you are lucky enough to travel first class, let me know your best experience.

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