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Hello, and welcome to my page.  I have been working in the Travel Industry for over 38 years,  it really just seems like yesterday! I am married with 2 grown up children and a beautiful grand daughter. After a couple of years at New College Durham learning Travel and Tourism…

Posted on Mar 15, 2019
Are You Following The Trend?

I read an interesting article the other day about the destinations which are currently the most popular ones to go to on a cruise, perhaps these are on your bucket list or you have already been. The Norwegian Fjords are on the list. This does not surprise me as is…

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Posted on Mar 8, 2019
What Makes The Difference?

When you are choosing a cruise what is the point when you know this is the one for you?  You may think what a silly question as many people would say the cost, and I guess to a certain extent it will be.  However, there are many extras which will…

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Posted on Mar 1, 2019
Amsterdam City Council Going Mad?

There are many of us who love to take a short cruise break and even more so for those people who have not yet cruised, a short cruise is a great way to see what a cruise is all about.  One of the cruises which are particularly popular are the…

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Posted on Feb 22, 2019
We Brits Love Azamara Club Cruises!

Have you cruised yet with Azamara or planning on your first, or are you one of the thousands of us Brits who just love this cruise line and will not cruise with anyone else again?  The success of Azamara is just amazing and it seems that the British are more…

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Posted on Feb 15, 2019
Is Economy Class Shrinking?

Off on a long haul flight soon? Are you flying economy class or are you one of the lucky ones who is flying premium, business or even first class?  The vast majority of us do fly economy simply because the cost is more affordable.  There are now "some changes" in…

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Posted on Feb 8, 2019
Families Please Don’t Lose Out!

If you are looking to book your cruise and you are a family of 4 or more, please do not be tempted into thinking there will be plenty of availability. If you are all wanting to share a cabin, which of course makes sense, these do get booked very quickly.…

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Posted on Feb 1, 2019
Is Brexit Changing The Way You Cruise?

Brexit, I think we are all fed up of the word and regardless of which way we voted, wish it was all sorted and we can move on.  A few people have asked me recently if it is affecting cruise holidays?  Certainly if this past month has anything to go…

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Posted on Jan 25, 2019
An Alternative To Los Angeles

There are many cruise lines who depart from Los Angeles. You could be going to Mexico, Hawaii, Panama Canal, Alaska or the Pacific coastline. This port really does offer you a great choice of destinations.  However, you can not fly in and cruise out on the same day so many…

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Posted on Jan 18, 2019
It’s All Happening!

We are now in the middle of January and boy has it been busy. So many of you have booked already for this year and next year AND looking towards the future to see what is new!  I can tell you there is plenty new ships on the horizon, the…

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Posted on Jan 11, 2019
The East Is Back

Some of the best places to cruise and stay has to be the Eastern Mediterranean. The people are lovely, weather is fantastic, and it has the most amazing scenery and historical sites if that interests you. This area for a while where cruising is concerned did a bit of a…

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