Gratuities…To Pay or not to pay??

I am often asked about my own personal thoughts on paying the Gratuities/tips on board the cruise ships. To be honest whenever I have been on holiday and received excellent service in a hotel or a restaurant I always leave a tip.  I have had times that we have declined to leave a tip as we felt the service was not what we had expected.

Cruise ship staff work exceptionally hard on board to ensure all guests receive a high standard of service and in return appreciate any gratuities which reward them for the quality of service they have provided to us. Staff salary’s on board may not be the highest paid jobs and most people working on ships have been away from family members for months at a time.

Prepayment of gratuities before you set sail can be added on to your booking with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise Line.  This then enables you not to worry about finding the extra money on board.  A lot of cruise lines will add the costs to your on board cabin account.  Whilst on board if you find a staff member has been exceptional you can at your discretion pass a tip directly to them, cash on board with many cruise lines are US dollars/British pounds and euros so be prepared to take some cash with you in chosen currency on board.

Please let me know your thoughts on Gratuities/tips. Do you like to tip? and if so how much?

Till next time

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