Out with the old…..

Marella Cruises are going from strength to strength with their newer ships and great itineraries, not to mention value for money they offer with their All inclusive cruises now.

Their older ships in their fleet known as their ‘classic ships’ are the Marella Dream and the Marella Celebration. Marella has just announced they will retire these ships in the about five years time leaving the fleet by 2024.

No plans or news yet for any replacements but since the two ships between them have clocked up 68 years service, it is definitely time to shift the focus to the newer additions.

Marella Dream will still be going in to dry dock for a complete refurbishment in January 2020, the last time she was refurbed was in November 2018. Marella celebration also had her refurbishment at about the same time.

Marella has the exciting new arrival the Explorer 2 their first adult only ship. Great itineraries on offer, new shows, bars and restaurants add a fresh new twist to Marella.

Yesterday we announced our new Bucket list itinerary featuring Borneo jungle and the Islands in Malaysia, a fantastic itinerary that looks really tempting … and a first for us the cruise line it features is Marella, the Marella Discovery. A once in a lifetime trip with an All inclusive cruise line at a fantastic price .. see for yourself.. https://www.cruise.co.uk/cruise-gu…/EBLAST-BL-BORNEO-04APR19

Have you tried Marella? What are your thoughts? …


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