Cruise ship Cabins .. what’s your choice?

I was away last week sunning myself in Spain for 4 days (well actually got very sunburnt on the 2nd day so more like suffering for the rest!)

I spoke to a lady who was asking me about Cruising and she told me she had been looking to do her first cruise for 2020 but is stuck at what cabin type to book. She said she has found that a harder decision than finding the itinerary!

Personally, I am open to any cabin grade, I look more into the itinerary and value for money. I am sure I am not alone although I do have customers that will give me a choice of itineraries and only travel if certain grades .. even cabin numbers are available.

Inside Cabins are generally the lowest cost but this does not mean they are basic at all. I am happy in an inside cabin, my only criticism is when you wake it is quite disorientating as to what time of day it is!! You can get Interior cabins now with a virtual balcony, my customers have recently returned from their Royal Caribbean cruise having experienced a Virtual balcony and loved it. (It also came at a great cost compared to the higher grades)

Having an Oceanview is a good choice but always research what grades are better for you (or of course let us help you with that 🙂 ) It’s important to look at any information such as possible obstructions, the window may not be a large picture window but just a small porthole. Even though it may be classed as an oceanview the little things may make a big difference. More often than not Obstructed cabins do not always tell you the % of obstruction so you need to be aware that the whole window could be in fact covered by something. I cruised once in a porthole oceanview cabin with ‘possible obstruction’… the entire window was covered by the bright orange lifeboat and just a slither of daylight on the very top of the window shone through. This was maybe the worst case scenario but its good to be aware of these things.

With the ever-increasing choices of ships now and various cruise lines, balcony cabins & suites come in all shapes and sizes. There are not just Oceanview balcony cabins, with the larger ships they have cabins that are facing into the inside of the ship. I find for myself I do not get the most use when I am in a Balcony cabin, I tend to prefer to go on to the deck to get my sea views but it is nice to wake up to and have your morning coffee watching the world go by. The Suites on Cruise Lines are not disappointing, so much luxury with some even having butlers and set on two levels. I would like to say I have had the pleasure of staying in a suite ‘just for research’ of course but unfortunately, I am still waiting for that research trip to come about :). I have been lucky enough to view a range of suites on ships I have visited and they look amazing if that’s your kind of thing.

So for something I have probably taken very much for granted when it comes to booking a cruise as I do focus more on the itinerary and value, upon speaking to a lady her thoughts were more about what accommodation to pick and that was her most important choice. I have of course felt it fair to offer if she is to try a suite I would be available to travel anytime in 2020 !! 🙂



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