When you are planning your trip it is crucial to choose the right hotel for you, it’s important to ensure your stay is as comfortable, affordable and as welcoming as possible, it’s always a good idea to check recent hotel’s reviews and check the hotel’s website to see for yourself exactly what services, facilities and rooms they offer and take a look at the restaurant, bar, pool, spa, live entertainment etc but have you ever considered a completely unique hotel experience …?

I had a recent enquiry for a couple to stay in a hotel in Bolivia built entirely from SALT!

The perfect place for seasoned travellers – the South American hotel where the walls are made entirely of salt where the only rule is that you are not allowed to lick the walls to stop them from being worn away


The builders behind the Palacio de Sal resort, at the edge of the Salar de Uyuni plain used one million 35cm blocks of compressed salt grains to create this unique hotel – rooms, furniture and beds were constructed using 10000 tons of salt!

The luxury hotel and golf course features all the mod cons you’d expect, including a dry sauna, steam room, whirlpool and, unsurprisingly, its own saltwater baths.

A more popular choice is the Kirkenes Snow Hotel carved each year to be different in appearance where you sleep on a transparent bed made from snow and ice

The 70 guest Snow Hotel has walls and furniture surfaces decorated with ice art and illuminated artwork. The room temperature is 0–5C°, but using the sleeping bags intended for extreme conditions combined with reindeer furs, you can be sure you will stay in warmth and comfort. On the shores of the lake the moonlight, stars and Northern Lights illuminate the silent, Lappish nature. As our guest you will have a good night’s sleep as the Aurora Alarm searches the skies for you.

Not to everyone’s taste but for £20 a night those looking for a different kind of escape are heading back to the notorious Colditz – after the former prison camp in southern Germany was turned into a hotel where to get the ultimate ‘prisoner experience’ at the castle once used by the Nazis to hold troublesome Allied PoWs.

Keeping the cruise theme – Sun Cruise Resort in South Korea is stranded looking cruise ship. The rooms inside are a little larger than those you would find on a cruise ship and you’ll find a salt water pool as well as speakers that play the crashing sounds of waves.

Did you know you can spend the night in Costa Rica in an upcycled 1965 Being 727 that has been turned into a two-bedroom luxury guesthouse. While the distinctive fuselage shape is intact, the interior is completely paneled with local teak. Windows offer jungle and ocean views throughout the plane, which rests on 50-foot-tall supports, and covered patios extend over the wings. The bedrooms have air-conditioning, and each has its own bathroom

You can spend the night  in a Tree House Hotel in Sweden, a Crane Hotel in Amsterdam, a Victorian-era fort in Portsmouth, a Bubble Hotel with rooms made from bubbles of plastic in France or an Arctic Tree House in Lapland so next time you are looking on Trip Advisor at the nearest Holiday Inn check out the alternative Unique and Crazy Boutique hotels also on offer!


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