Why I love Cruising

 Why I love Cruising

Having been in the industry for over 16 years I really do have the Cruise Bug!  But what are the main reasons I love cruising?  Well here they are the five reasons….although I had to condense this down from around 20 reasons.

Service – In my opinion you do not get the standard of service as you do on a cruise ship anywhere else.  From the cabin stewards to the bar staff right  through to the reception staff.  Yes you hear service complaints from customers every now and then but actually that is just because we as cruisers expect such high standards now, so if it slips ever so slightly it is noticeably.

See many destinations, only unpacking once – I love the fact that I can say I have been to many cities and towns / areas.  I wouldnt have visited a quarter of the places I have, had it not been for cruising.  You simply cannot beat waking up in a different port and going off to explore.  And as I say to many of my customers when looking at Itineraries, it is really an exercise in ticking places off your ‘to do list’.  Also with many itineraries staying overnight in some ports you even get to experience evening in a particular town or city.

Value for money – We all want to feel that we are getting the most out of our hard earned cash.  Cruising really does give you value for money.  Think about it – You are getting Accommodation, food, entertainment and in many ports transportation to the centre of town (okay sometimes this is chargable).  In some cases you are even getting free spending money, free car parking or coach and even free drinks packages.  And then some of  the Ultra Luxury brands then offer free Gratuities, shore excursions and drinks. Value for money YES I think so.

Something for everyone – There is a ship /brand for every budget and every want/need.  Some people like small and traditional and some like the large multiple entertainment venues style ships or what about the ‘proper sailing’ well if thats what you want there are ships out there for you.  Then there is the slow paced River cruise ships which will take you along lovely scenic stretches of River straight into the heart of many towns and cities.  You want it….we,ve got it.


Dining Experience – I absolutely love the dining choices on board ships.  From speciality dining to main al la Carte restaurants to the ease of the buffet restaurants.  And you really cant beat a burger and fries with a beer at the poolside bar.  Focusing a bit on the speciality restaurants here, apart from some of the Ultra Luxury ships you do have to pay a supplement for these, but when you work out the additional cost it is well worth it – some ships feature Celebrity Chef restaurants that you pay lots for on land, but a mere $25pp supplements gets you a seat in there at sea version.  Oh and before I forget, what about the room service too – Ordering a Pizza at 2am on NCL Epic and having it delivered by a guy in proper pizza delivery clothing handing over a large steaming hot pizza in a box is definitely an experience.

So there we have it, my top FIVE reasons why I LOVE cruising….what are yours?



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