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Over the last few years here at we have seen the cruise industry change massively.  Gone are the days when a simple cruise will suffice, people are now wanting more from their cruise.

We are seeing a steady rise in the requirements to do a land stay prior to the cruise (or after it in some cases).  Not only that but people are wanting tours and particularly escorted tours that really give an essence of that region.

Our most popular package of the last few years has undoubtedly been our snow monkeys package, an escorted tour where you get to see the Famous Snow Monkeys as well as ride the Bullet train and see Mt. Fuji – Take a look here 

snow monkey

I love speaking about these packages and getting the feedback when people have come back from these special trips.

Another one that I particularly love at the moment is our Escorted Mt Kinabalu & The Orangutans Of Borneo with Bangkok, the beaches of Thailand & Ho Chi Minh take a look here 

A mother orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus) carries her baby in the rainforest of the Tanjung Puting National Park in Borneo. This endangered species is found throughout Borneo, and it's related species, the Pongo abelii, is found in Sumatra.

But then I am a big fan of this one – Fully escorted Deep South with Turks and Caicos, including paddle boats Voodoo queens and plantations – take a look here

Attractive young woman with sugar skull makeup isolated on black

Okay so there are too many for me to choose from and it really does make my job interesting.

We are really trying to look at what else we can offer and what new and exciting packages we can offer, I have suggested South Korean food tour or a Rain forests of Costa Rica tour both of which I would love to do myself.

So the question is – What tours would you like to see us doing – it can be anything from a 1 day self tour to a fully escorted 10 day tour, maybe it is something you have done before that you think would work well with a cruise or just something you have had on your wish list for some time.

I would love to hear from you



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