Sunbeds for hire

In Amongst this weeks travel news I stumbled across this story which actually made the national Press.

Thomas Cook are to trial a sunbed booking service.

The trial scheme will allow customers to pay £22 to book a specific lounger in advance of their holiday.  They will be able to pick their preferred location from a map, which will also allow customers to work out when each spot will get sun and shade. Do not panic though only some sunbeds will be bookable as part of the scheme, which is being trialled in three hotels next month so there will still be plenty of sunbeds for us people (yes I wouldn’t pay for this) that do not want to pay this premium.

I have been at hotels where you wander back to the hotel in the evening to find that Sunbeds already have towels flung over them ready for the morning – something that in recent years many hotels have tried to combat with staff removing towels from them.  Or the newer Idea of cordoning off the pool area until the morning where holidaymakers form an orderly queue before the gate opens at 9am – some people have been known to queue from 7am to be sure to get that prime spot.  Once the gate is opened the mad dash ensues.  So maybe this scheme will work and will be rolled out by other companies and hotels – it remains to be seen.

I have to say as ships get bigger and outdoor space is becoming a little tighter have had reports from customers saying they struggled to get a sunbed and there were simply not enough sunbeds whilst the ship was at sea.  So could this scheme work on board a ship?  is it something that would be needed on a cruise?  would you pay for this service?

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