Simply a Great Prom

After turning 40 this year, the next event (or events) on the Calendar were my Eldest Daughter Mia Leaving school and her Prom Night.  I have 2 Children Mia and Lexie who is just 9.

So she finished her exams 2 weeks ago and I kind of got over the fact that she had left school….yes I have a school leaver in the house – How did that happen??

Then last week was her Prom, we had already re-mortgaged the house to buy the dress to wear for one night (yes they are very expensive), many fittings and shops visited and she actually went back to one of the very first dresses she had tried on that simply just worked.

Hair, make-up, fake tan and nails appointments were booked in,  We had also booked a lovely vintage car.

2 weeks before the event Mia decided she didn’t want a vintage car…..stress….I managed to negotiate a low cancellation fee – I have to say I am rather proud of that!! Luckily a good friend agreed to do chauffeuring duties and the car was approved by our young lady.

so the day of the prom, whilst I worked on a half day, helping you good people to book your next cruise, Louise (my partner) & Mia went to the various appointments as outlined above (I believe the Tan was done the day before, its not the done thing to have it on the same day as an event….who knows, its not my department).

They got home just prior to guests and the photographer arriving at our home.  Champagne & Prosecco  were nicely chilled and I put my bar mans hat on topping up the Flutes with strawberry’s and plonk whilst Mia changed into her outfit.

And I have to say she absolutely blew me away – she was simply stunning.  And I have to say I was so proud….she really has turned into a wonderful young lady.

The Prom was held at a lovely hotel and we were there to see all of her school friends arrive in various cars with their dates.  It was such a great evening.  We left Mia and the rest of her year to enjoy a meal and entertainment.

I have to admit I thought Prom was such a novelty, I mean they didn’t have proms when I was at school.  But this has really changed my mind what a great way to celebrate the end of the school Journey.

Thanks for Reading

Mia I wish you all the very best as your journey continues – I know you will continue to make me proud every day….Lots of Love, Dad

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