Its Launch time again…

I have been in the cruise industry now for around 16 years and one thing that I always remember is the excitement over P&O Launch.  Normally P&O would release their programme for the coming year in March / April time (May at one time I recall).  The new Programme or brochure would normally be for Sailings April to end of March (so this launch following the traditional path would normally be April 18 to March 19 for instance).

BUT there has been a dramatic change to them whereby they actually launched part of the 2018 programme last September.  This was Summer 18 from April to September.  I found this an unusual step and personally I felt many past passengers did and I didn’t get the same buzz or hype from it.  However I do think it was a great move because I saw Summer 2018 bookings coming in really strong for January and February this year in particular.  So in that respect they were able to compete with the likes of Royal Caribbean for instance who traditionally have always had their summer 148 product on sale at the beginning of the year.

So back to this Launch, on Thursday of last week dates from October 18 to March 19 went on sale to their top tier customers.  Today saw the itineraries for Ex southampton, Caribbean Fly Cruise go on General sale. Thursday sees Full World Cruise, Classic Southern Hemisphere Journeys, Grand Tours, Exotic fly-cruise & Arabian Gulf fly-cruise product go on general sale.

Boasting some fabulous itineraries, in particular their new  Arabian Gulf Fly Cruises from Dubai on board Oceana, These are 10 night sailings also have the option of pre and post cruise stays.

There are some Maiden calls to :

Sir Bani Yas Island, UAE Oceana E903 Friday 1 February 2019
Manama, Bahrain Oceana E903 Monday 4 February 2019
Khasab, Oman Oceana E903 Thursday 7 February 2019
Kiriwina, Papua New Guinea Arcadia J901 Thursday 28 February 19
Chan May, Vietnam Arcadia J901 Thursday 14 March 2019
Narvik, Norway Aurora R903 Friday 15 March 2019
Port Vila, Vanuatu Arcadia J901 Friday 15 February 2019

P&O have the following benefits during this launch period

Past guest discount
 A 5% past guest discount is available on all new P&O Cruises Winter 2018/19 programme cruises. This offer is
available until 2 May 2017 for guests who have sailed with us previously, and is combinable with Select Price only.

 A past guest discount of 5% is also available on selected Mar – Oct 18 cruises (Summer 18 launch product). This
offer is available until 2 May 2017 and is combinable with Select Price only.

Arabian Gulf fly-cruise additional on-board spending money
 Extra on-board spending money is available on all Oceana Arabian Gulf Winter 2019 programme fly-cruises. This
offer is available until 2 May 2017 and is combinable with Select Price only.

And don’t forget the Additional discount for the chosen Peninsular cruises

Members of the Peninsular Club (past guests of P&O Cruises that have spent 15 nights or more on board) will benefit
from an additional 5% discount on the prices after the past guest discount.

Cruises included as follows:
J817 Canaries & Iberia 21/11/2018
J819 UK UK Caribbean 09/12/2018 2
N901 UK UK Caribbean 04/01/2019
N903 UK UK Caribbean 05/02/2019
R823 Norway 28/11/2018
R902 Norway 27/02/2019
R903 Norway 11/03/2019
X821 UK UK Caribbean 11/11/2018
X901 UK UK Caribbean
X902 Norway 10/02/2019 1
X903 UK UK Caribbean 22/02/2019

I do still love the P&O Launch period and it is something I do look forward to.  Especially the early 7.45am start ready to grab the cabins for my customers as soon as it goes on sale at 8am!!

Have you booked during this Launch?  Do you normally wait for P&O to Launch their new products?


If you want to discuss any of the P&O itineraries, let me know






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