Hurtigruten to Ban All Single-Use Plastic Products

After watching a program a few weeks ago talking about the global ‘plastic crisis’ and the damage in particular that single-use products are causing to the environment, my first thought was the straws and plastic cups that we use in particular on a cruise.  The straws mainly for me because I get a straw in a drink and immediately discard it without a second thought, much the same when I am in a restaurant.  Before I go on I will add that I now ask for my drinks without a straw.

Today I read some fantastic news that the Norwegian coastal specialist cruise line Hurtigruten will stop using what it calls unnecessary single-use plastic items as of July 2. Everything from plastic straws, drink mixers, plastic cups, coffee lids and plastic bags will be removed from all the ships. The goal is to become the first plastic-free shipping company in the world.

Brilliant news indeed and a big step in the right direction

Plastic straws will be replaced by metal straws, stir pins will no longer be used – the same with plastic cups wrapped in plastic, plastic cutlery, plastic bags, plastic lids on coffee cups, plastic toothpicks, plastic aprons, single-use packaging of butter and all other single-use plastic items that Hurtigruten’s 400,000 guests and 2,500 employees encounter on a day to day basis, the company said in a press release.  I bet you never thought about the plastic on those single-use butter portions – I certainly never have.

In addition to the internal plastic ban, Hurtigruten has now laid down the challenge to all of its suppliers to reduce and cut the use of plastic. So the effects could be far-reaching.

Will we also see other cruise lines follow Suit?

Well, P&O Cruises and Cunard have announced their plans to abolish single-use plastics including plastic straws, water bottles and coffee stirrers from ships by 2022 and the Royal Caribbean Group have also said they plan to ban all single-use plastic items but as far as I am aware they have not given a timescale.

I think we will see a blanket ban on Single-use plastic on all cruise lines in the next few years.

what do you think about this ?  Do you already do your bit and not accept single-use plastic (straws etc)?

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