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Britannia the Build so far

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Majesty of the Seas replica

This is a  1/8 scale replica of the ship which is also a fully functioning Canal boat

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Don’t Look Down worlds Highest swing

Missing the ship

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Pure Stupidity


Oriana Built in my Home Town of Barrow

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Love Boat


Mosquito bite Virus warning

British holidaymakers heading to the Caribbean have been warned about the spread of a virus that causes fever, rashes and severe joint pain.

The chikungunya virus, which is caught through bites by infected mosquitoes, has been spreading in the area since late last year, infecting 500,000 people so far, and experts say it is “just getting going”.

There have been at least 37 cases diagnosed in travellers returning from countries including St Lucia, the Dominican Republic, and Antigua and Barbuda.

The virus has spread to 25 Caribbean nations since it was first reported by the World Health Organisation, according to weekend reports.

Anyone travelling to the Caribbean should speak to their GP or a travel doctor before their trip and regularly apply insect repellent once in the region.

containing DEET and reapply every two hours, warning against sunscreens combined with insect repellents as they had not yet “proven efficacy”.

He added: “The importance of using a repellent is because both species of mosquitoes that spread chikungunya virus are day biters, so bed nets will not protect you from them.”

The countries hit hardest include the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guadeloupe and Martinique. The disease has also spread to mainland South America and there have been a handful of cases reported in the US.

There is no vaccine or cure available for chikungunya but most patients recover well if their symptoms are treated.

NEWSFLASH – Massive Reductions – cabins selling fast – To view Click Here


Preikestolen or Prekestolen, also known by the English translations of Preacher’s Pulpit or Pulpit Rock, is a giant cliff 604 metres (1982 feet) above Lysefjorden, in Ryfylke, Norway. The top of the cliff is approximately 25 by 25 metres (82 by 82 feet) square and almost flat, and is a famous tourist attraction in Norway.


Cunard Queen Victoria review – Grill Snipers

Take a look at this excellent review by one of our customers – very interesting point made regarding attitudes towards Grill passengers –