Farewell From “Lee Cruises”

Great News!

I have been promoted at Cruise.co.uk, it’s a great opportunity & I’m looking forward to new adventures! Thanks to all of you who have booked with me and followed my blog.

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Marella Cruises go All Inclusive and welcome an an Adult Only Ship

Who? I hear some of you say..

Marella is the recently rebranded name of Thomson Cruises or Tui Cruises to give them another name.

There are currently five ships in the Marella Cruises fleet, Marella Dream, Marella Celebration, Marella Discovery, Marella Discovery 2 and Marella Spirit. New ship Marella Explorer will begin sailing in summer 2018.

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Hurtigruten to Ban All Single-Use Plastic Products

After watching a program a few weeks ago talking about the global ‘plastic crisis’ and the damage in particular that single-use products are causing to the environment, my first thought was the straws and plastic cups that we use in particular on a cruise.  The straws mainly for me because I get a straw in a drink and immediately discard it without a second thought, much the same when I am in a restaurant.  Before I go on I will add that I now ask for my drinks without a straw.

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Cruise Ship Innovations of Note

With so many new ships that have been launched recently plus many that are either due for launch or currently being constructed, it goes without saying that there are a few innovations in there.

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Wonderful Shanghai Pt 4

Today I am going back to my Shanghai Blogs – you can read the last one here 

Today we had a free day with a driver, Kirsty our guide had told us we would have a different driver today, so we picked out a few key areas and she wrote them down in Chinese for us as the driver would have limited English.
The Driver met us on Time at 10am.  Our first stop was Shanghai Tower. This is the 2nd tallest building in the world – there are 128 floors and the observation deck in on the 119th floor – although they are constructing an observation deck higher up. They boast that the elevator is the fastest in the world – well the fact that you travel smoothly to the 119th floor in around 1 minute you know its fast. Before you get to the elevator there is a museum type area with information on skyscrapers – comparisons etc – its really interesting and I could have spent longer there – BUT we were on a tight schedule having agreed a pick-up time with the driver.

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Great Family Holiday

I am just back from a great 2 week holiday to Orlando.

No Cruising this time.

We did the standard Orlando Theme parks holiday.  We did the same 2 years ago and loved it even though I was determined to not love it!!.

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Will Canberra sail again?

I have been reflecting on my (almost) 17 years in the industry (see my about me page), and one thing that really sticks in my mind from my first days selling cruises is how people that had cruised for many years would always answer my question ‘Have you Cruised before’ with ‘Oh yes I was cruising on the Canberra’.   Now I started in travel in 2001 and the Canberra went out of service in September 1997, so I had never sold a cruise on Canberra, but I feel that I know the ship and its illustrious career quite well.

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Sunbeds for hire

In Amongst this weeks travel news I stumbled across this story which actually made the national Press.

Thomas Cook are to trial a sunbed booking service.

The trial scheme will allow customers to pay £22 to book a specific lounger in advance of their holiday.  They will be able to pick their preferred location from a map, which will also allow customers to work out when each spot will get sun and shade. Do not panic though only some sunbeds will be bookable as part of the scheme, which is being trialled in three hotels next month so there will still be plenty of sunbeds for us people (yes I wouldn’t pay for this) that do not want to pay this premium.

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Wonderful Shanghai pt3

Picking up my Shanghai Blog from last year – you can read the last one here

After a great night in Suzhou, we were due to check out of the hotel to move on back to Shanghai.  We went for breakfast in the hotel restaurant – we found this to be much more traditional – and didn’t have the selection we were afforded at the hotel in Shanghai. There were pastries and there was what looked like an omelette station – but much of the selection was very Asian based – we fueled up ready for our day.

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2017 is nearly over

Well I am sat here on my Christmas Leave reflecting on what a great year it has been for me.  Next year will mark 6 years at Cruise.co.uk and 17 years within the cruise industry a fact I cannot quote believe as it has flown.

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