What Jane failed to show/mention

I have been watching this series of Cruising with Jane McDonald (Friday nights at 9pm on Channel 5), and thought that when she was on MSC and Viking she did show more of the ship to the watcher/cruiser which I did think was lacking in the first series.

I was surprised MSC had them back on as in the first series she didnt really show of the MSC Divina but was pleased to see that she was showing the newest ship in the fleet – MSC Meraviglia (at the moment until the MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview launch), as this is a ship on my list to sail on. However although I do think that instead of watching Jane try to drink her way round the 20 bars on MSC Meravilglia it would have been nice to see some of the 12 restaurants that MSC have to offer such as Eataly, Kaito Teppanyaki or Butchers Cut Steakhouse.

But the episode I was most disappointed with as it didn’t show much of the ship (although nice to see her in a cabin most people would travel in), or the experience itself – was the River Cruise episode on the River Rhone with Avalon Waterways. River cruising is smaller ships with approx 100-150 guests on board, with a much more serene way of travelling and is all about the scenery and docking right in the heart of a different town or city everyday.  I was lucky enough to experience Uniworld River cruise last year and every evening we had a daily briefing from the cruise director to tell us about the following days town/city. Excursions were included with local guides with extensive knowledge, the dining experience was open dining and food of a very high standard. All I saw in this episode was Jane leaving the ship not joining in and doing her own thing such as the car tour she booked, night away from the ship and then the hot air balloon.

The last one is this week on Celeystal Cruises around Cuba. I have been lucky to have to been to Cuba and have to say Havana was such an interesting place with the ration shops, the old cars etc so hoping to see what Jane makes of it and also I know nohing about Celeystal Cruises.

What have your thoughts been on this series of the cruising with Jane McDonald?

Have a great couple of weeks





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