Toddler travels part 2

So from following us you know we have made it safely on board, where we are travelling to and that we have found ourselves in very comfortable accommodation. It’s now time to explore all that P and O Azura has to offer us.

This blog will answer all things food. A huge worry for parents – will there be enough, will it be suitable for my little one, will it be readily available and how can I get through meal times without upsetting the other passengers around us. Everyone will adopt a different approach, there is no right or wrong you just need to go with what works for your family. t We had opted to take our booster seat from home for little one’s comfort but high chairs readily available in the restaurants. We also took on board our own cutlery due to personal preference but children’s cutlery available on request
We chose to dine in the main restaurants for our breakfast over the buffet. Our little one enjoyed the fuss and fanfare and was much less distracted then then when in the hustle and bustle of the buffet. All the same items are available and we were well catered for, having said that we were often amongst the first in line as they don’t open until 8am. For those with little ones who like to eat earlier the buffet would be a good choice.
For lunches we had a much more flexible approach using either the buffet or grab and go. We did feel the food choice was less when compared with rival cruise lines but there was always hot, cold options with fresh fruit and crackers for little ones to graze on.
It was in the evening we were truly spoilt. At the time of booking we had opted for freedom dining but on our 1st night we had such fantastic service from our waiter Vincent that we opted to sit within his area every night of our cruise. Did you know you could do this? Do not hesitate if in receipt of excellent service to state that and request that table number each night.
Now when I say good service what did that look like – we were greeted like friends by name (after just 1 night), often a high five or a song for our little girl. Conversation with genuine interest around our day and how we had chosen to spend it. A starter of fresh melon was always ready and waiting and no problem with providing extra bread rolls for her to nibble on. Our little ones order was taken first to ensure there would be little delay in it arriving to the table. Lots of choice from the children’s menu or smaller plates could be done if ordering from the main menu for a child. They even sent up to different galleys to source our little ones favourite vegetable.
How would this all play out on formal night – little ones will pick up when something is different. I am not afraid to say we went armed with parental tactics – colouring books, favourite story from home and more controversially a DVD player. Our daughter does not watch this very often at home but we knew settling her down for an hour with this would allow not only us but perhaps less tolerant diners to enjoy their meals in peace. Looking around the restaurant I was reassured by the number of parents who had opted for the same tactic.
Aboard P&O there are other options including a child’s only tea that starts at 5pm in the buffet, allowing you to then take advantage of the evening children’s club sessions. I also would not have hesitated to use any of the speciality restaurants (again they can access the child’s menu here with no cover charge payable for child) but we opted against it this time based on the high level of service we received in the main dining room.
One thing I will add is we opted to take snacks on board such as mini cheese biscuits, yoghurt and smoothie pouches for on the go, raisins and favourite snack bars/ biscuits which we found perfect for trips out and when queuing.

Next time we will look at The Reef and child friendly facilities on board .

Have a great couple of weeks

Kerry and Fiona xx

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