Its almost Here !

So when you read this I will be winging my way to Manchester, ready for Friday to join the coach for the Trex down to Southampton. Just in case you don’t know it is my big cruise that I have waited nearly 2 years for, to celebrate my 50th birthday this year. I say big due to the fact that we have paid for a suite on Britannia. I am so excited, never had a butler before.

This was me and the hubby the first time on Britannia in 2015 years ago.

This time we have opted for warmer climates and we are heading across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. I would normally not be able to afford a Suite cabin, but as its the repositioning cruise it made the cruise more affordable, always worth looking out for those. They usually include more sea days, but to be honest I love the sea days to chill out and relax.

Britannia is due out of dry dock tonight and she will be in Southampton tomorrow following her refit. I can not wait to see the Atrium. One of my customers has been making some of the new furniture for her refit, but wouldn’t give anything away, so I am excited to see what she looks like.

As she launched in 2015 this is her first refit, I have been on her twice in the past and I love the fresh modern design.

I will, of course, be posting on my return to let you all know how she looks and what has changed.

this was 4 years ago in the Atrium

If you have questions do not hesitate to call me on my return or ask me on here or facebook. I will be sharing some videos from my facebook account during my time at sea but will depend on the internet.

see you all in November




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