Past Passenger Discounts for Non Past Passengers – Fantastic

The world of cruising has always offered past passenger dicsounts in order to promote loyalty but in recent years many cruise lines have scaled down their generosity. P&O, Cunard and Fred Olsen all offer less discounts now than then used to.

MSC on the other hand, despite being one of Europe’s largest cruise lines are keen to increase their British customer base and are extending their loyalty scheme to non past passengers too.

MSC have always had one of the best past passenger schemes offering a 5 tier scheme from 5% off for all customers to 15% off selected cruises for their top past passengers who have sailed the most nights.

With their ‘Status Match’ program if you haven’t sailed with them before but are a member of another cruise line’s loyalty scheme then you too will benefit from their loyalty discount. This will guarantee you a 5% discount and they will even match your loyalty level giving you the higher discounts where applicable.

All you have to do is complete a form on their website and provide photographic proof of your current loyalty membership. They will even now extend this loyalty discount to match hotel membership.

Once you’ve sailed with MSC you will then accrue points based upon the number of nights sailed and receive more benefits, including priority check in, fruit baskets and birthday cakes and even a free thermal session in the spa

Personally I think this is an amazing scheme and will encourage customers to try MSC out. It goes against all current trends with other cruise lines scaling down their past passenger benefits in recent years.

To apply for your MSC membership just complete this form MSC-Voyagers-Club/Status-Match

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