Happy New Year to all!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year with your loved ones. We certainly did with twelve sitting down for Christmas lunch – I had a bevy of helpers and kitchen commi’s at my command and much furniture moving the dining table was expanded and heaving with a veritable feast for my nearest and dearest (plus a few extras as well!) We were perched on various deckchairs, chairs, stools with cushions etc but there is little more comfortable than being in the bosom of your family at Christmas-time? After seemingly demolishing half the contents of our local supermarket, we are back at that same table just a few hours later munching on the Christmas cheeses, meats and pickles complete with home-made sausage rolls and a huge trifle we certainly found it tricky to move the next day.

The Boxing Day Sales have always been a favourite in our house – well with the ladies anyway! Hunting out a bargain especially cut price Christmas cards and wrapping paper – the trick is finding it again after stashing it safely in the loft until the following December.

Not working between Christmas and New Year is always a little dis-orientating especially not knowing which day of the week it is or which day your overflowing rubbish and recycling bins are being collected? We are very lucky to have great neighbours and rely on them having their fingers on the pulse.

We are very lucky indeed to live on the South Coast and have easy access to the beaches as well as the New Forest so our lucky Springer Spaniel Milo had lots of exercise too!

New Year arrives hot on the heels of Christmas and this year we thought we’d deviate from the normal ‘Chinese takeaway’ at home with friends to a live music night at a local pub and we certainly were not disappointed! The music was fab – mostly covers from the 80’s and 90’s and full of songs that everyone knew the words to sing along to. As it was a ticket only event it limited numbers to an extremely appreciative audience. You know when the musicians are grey haired that they know their craft very well and this group were no exception to that rule apart from the young lady lead singer who’s bluesy voice defied her age.

So 2019 what does that hold for you?

My New Year resolution is to finish updating our house – my husband is very good at starting projects and not necessarily finishing them so after living here for nearly 20 years, it is about time our home had a little TLC.

My lifetime resolution though is to travel as much as I can – I followed my Mum into the Travel Industry and she worked in Travel Agencies for more than 35 years.  I am catching her up now with 27 years under my belt.  So you could say that Travel is in my blood!  We are booked to go on a long-awaited Caribbean Cruise in March which personally I cannot wait for to get some much-needed sunshine in our harsh winter months and my husband is eyeing up a Baltic Cruise which is the perfect way to see Russia without having to jump through the red tape of visas as almost all of the cruise lines include access into Russia as long as you use their organised excursion programme and do not go off on your own.

So what are your travel plans for 2019 and do they involve a cruise? If they do, feel free to contact me and I will secure the best deal I can for you!

Wishing you all a fantastic 2019 and – happy sailing!



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