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Hi there, My name is Isabelle, I'm 31 years old and I live in a small village in a lovely part of rural Lincolnshire with my husband Carl who I married on the beautiful island of Rhodes in 2012, our daughter Lexi who is 6 and our son Oliver who is 3. Oh…

Posted on May 23, 2019
Food Intolerance and Travelling. Is it a good idea?

It is estimated that around 20% of the worlds population suffer from a food intolerance which are often quite difficult to diagnose but can be problematic to sufferers in many different ways. Some intolerances are severe whilst others are just mildly annoying but non the less steering clear of the…

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Posted on May 7, 2019
Another holiday giant in trouble?

Its no secret that the travel industry has been hit hard over recent years as a result of terrorist attacks, plummeting exchange rates, recessions and (it almost pains me to say the words) Brexit uncertainty. Some holiday makers have had to tighten their belts prioritising household bills and expenditure over…

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Posted on Apr 20, 2019
Forget the Hunchback, its all about the Lady Bees of Notre Dame

The news this week was dominated by something other than Brexit for a change. The beautiful, history steeped Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris became engulfed by a mighty blaze on Monday evening which saw the roof cave in and the famous tower collapse. It is reported that had the fire…

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Posted on Apr 4, 2019
Banned from the Red Light District

Amsterdam is famous for many reasons. Its canals, beautiful architecture, 'coffee' shops, Anne Frank and of course its infamous red light district. Have you ever been? A whopping 19 million tourists packed in to the narrow streets of the city just last year alone and due to its ever increasing…

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Posted on Mar 21, 2019
Why aren’t you booking On Board??

I never cease to be amazed by the number of clients (some being seasoned cruisers) who are unaware that you can book future cruises on board and whats more, they give you freebies for doing so! Here's the low down on what a few of the cruise lines offer for a…

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Posted on Mar 5, 2019
122 New Ships in the Order Book

Just when you thought we'd had our fill of sparkly new vessels hitting the waves lately Cruise Industry News are reporting that the order book is jam packed full of exciting build orders for the years ahead. In the last month alone we saw the delivery of 3 new beauties…

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Posted on Feb 18, 2019
Has Spring Sprung??

What on earth is going on with the weather?! Only a few weeks ago we were seeing minus temperatures with a dash of snow and this week we're well in to double figures and the sun has got his hat on. Its bananas. Yesterday I woke up to the sound…

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Posted on Feb 1, 2019
Is Armageddon on the Horizon for Gratuities?

I hope so!! I hear some of you shout. Gratuities have in the most part been an annoyance to the British cruising clientele. We all have differing opinions on the subject but the majority of my clients remove them and prefer to tip on a more personal level. I do…

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Posted on Jan 15, 2019
One seed for mankind, one giant leap for potatoes.

Its been reported this week that us human meddlers are planting seeds on the moon. No, this isnt fake news I promise. China (who else) have taken several varieties of seed to the far side of the moon and planted them in the first ever biological experiment to take place…

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Posted on Dec 30, 2018
Un-Decking the Halls

So thats Christmas done for another year. The decs are down (in my house atleast), the turkey is in the bin and now its time to hit those sales. Whether it be online or on the high street, we're all itching to get out there and renew the wardrobes, book…

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