”Sunshine through my window”, ”I’m walking on Sunshine”, ”You are my sunshine”, ”You are the sunshine of my life”

Yes many a great song has the word ”Sunshine” in it so why not have a great cruise liner with the word ”Sunshine” in it too, and thats exactly what we have with the Carnival Sunshine.

You guessed it I will be filling three whole days with all the ”Sunshine” I need when I board on the 1st July. I am excited to see how this $155million transformation has changed the Destiny into something that has to be seen to be believed.

The emphasis on this ship is Fun Fun Fun and with 5 other colleagues to share this experience with I am sure there will be lots of Fun Fun Fun along the way.

Dont’t get me wrong I am fully aware that she has had many teething problems on her first voyage but I have assurances from Carnival that everything thing is now rectified and customers are loving her and feeling the intimacy of her compared to the Carnival Legend.

We all like a bit of intimacy now and again but combining the fun feel and the variety of entertainment yu will only find on board a Carnival Cruise then how can you go wrong.

Personally speaking I am the Tinkerbell of the Peter Pan world who has yet to grow up so whilst on board you will find me in Waterworks, a huge waterworld in the middle of the ocean, where I will participate riding the 300 foot long waterslides that when together are as long as 3 New York blocks. Waterworks introduces the next wave of waterpark thrills. So I challenge my Cruise.co.uk colleagues to see if they dare to ride the ”Twister Slide” or the all new exciting ”Speedway” slide where you race your componant and see who comes out first . I can feel the heat is on already.

There is so much to say regarding the Sunshine and what it has to offer and will some fabulous 12 night itineraries she is offering throughout the summer children young and old will lover her nearly as much as I hope I will.




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