Would you buy a cruise off a Facebook Post?

This was a question I asked myself yesterday and was wondering what customers really thought if they saw a fantastic cruise on Facebook. Would they buy it?

Nearly 5000 potential customers follow my facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/hollycrabtreecruise/, but I would say around only 3% actually book a cruise with me they had seen on my page not knowing my background, so it got me thinking. Would you book a holiday off a Facebook page?

You can find a travel page which is bright ,  colourful & looks exciting, tells funny stories, interactive , asks you to vote for your favourite cruiseline etc and posts some rather wonderful Bucket List trips but knowing all that would you still book and call the number on that Facebook Page and give your deposit over the phone, would that give you confidence in booking with that person.

If you did call that number would it be because of word of mouth of the person advertising the page, reputation does go along way. Would it be the company they worked for or the price they were advertising it at? Or would you rather call someone you know in the business, your go to cruise agent for your cruise booking , or a reputable Cruise Agency you have dealt with before.

The world we live in is rather a different one from years gone by so it is totally understandable that when you are giving your hard earned money over the phone you want to know that your money is safe.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I work for Cruise.co.uk , one of the largest on line travel agencies in the uk. I look after 1000’s of customers every year on a personal level and look after everyone of my customers until the day they come home because I care and I work for a company that is proud to offer the one on one touch to every single customer irrelevant of what they book.  My point is I am the same Holly Crabtree on Facebook but only a small number of customers book with me via my page.

I am in the mindset that maybe if anyone viewing my page would see the cruise.co.uk logo then maybe they would see that their money is safe and they are booking with a reputable consultant who works for them. Looking at just Holly Crabtree honestly doesn’t necessarily make customers feel that they will get the same level of service, protection including an ATOL and ABTA cover if they called Holly Crabtree from Cruise.co. Website.

Just a thought and wondered what your thoughts were? Would you book via Facebook and if you haven’t what would encourage you to do so.

I look forward to your comments with interest

Cheers and thankyou as always Holly xx



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