Whats the latest must have on P&O Ventura?

P&O Ventura have brought in a fantastic way to use your on board spend on board.

Customers have welcomed the latest addition of the company Dixons on board, selling the latest technology customers have been flocking in their droves to buy I Pads, cameras, I Phones and I Phone watches. But the biggest seller of them all is the FITBIT.

Add this to your on board account and use your on  board credit to pay for it. What a great way to buy the latest technology.

Now as for the FitbIt, if you haven’t heard of these already I can see why they are so popular. It is an activity tracker which counts how many steps you do each day and reports them back to you. Of course it also encourages you to do more and more steps each day. We all know that when on a cruise the focus is on how much you eat rather than exercise but this latest addition is encouraging people to be more active around the ship.

Using the stairs instead of lifts and walking around the pool decks will all help in increasing not only your steps on your fit bit but also in increasing your fitness levels too , all whilst keeping the calories you consume at bay.

As you may know Dixons are very competitive on pricing but going the extra mile the staff on board even made a call to the Heathrow Store to make sure their prices were competitive.

£89 for a Fit Bit , great value and of course depending on where you are in P&O’s loyalty scheme you can also get a further ten per cent off goods purchased on board. Great service too as they will even set up the Fit Bit for you so you are ready to go and if you have on board spending money to this value it wont cost you a penny.

What a fabulous way to use your on board spend!

Would you use your on board spend to buy the latest technology for FREE?

Well Done P&O!

Cheers Holly





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