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An Online Magazine where you the customer is the Editor, full of funny stories , interesting articles, serious topics all posted by you with the odd comment thrown in by my good self. So Whats Hot , Whats Not and Whats New in November.


WHATS HOT, WHERES HOT- San Juan, Rio and Dubai are all 29 Degrees as we speak, if you are desperate to see some sun, we have cruises available to these destinations Now !!

Booking an inside cabin for £499 on a getaway for an 11 night sailing only to be advised that your allocated cabin is actually a midship outside free of charge. Getaway fares have caused quite a riot over the last 12 months but for the majority of people they have had many a great cruise at  knock down prices. P&O are changing the way they promote their fares from next year and Getways will be no more. In the meantime fill your boots and I hope your as lucky as this customer was. Have you had a great upgrade on a Getaway, if so let me know.

Indoor pool on the Celebrity Equinox, not hot where the water was concerned but definitely on the What’s Hot list for any customer wanting to get away from children, as this is an adults only pool. Apparently its not known about to many passengers on board giving you a safe haven to swim divulge and relax in perfect harmony. If you have taken advantage was it as surreal as this customer made out? let me know!!

Im a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, I know I digress but seriously how could I not give one of the best shows on TV a mention in Whats Hot and although many of you would put Declan Donnelly under this section , I am sure come Sunday we will all be glued to the screen as we watch the so called celebrities face their fears and reach their fate. I myself have been a fan of Ant and Dec since Byker Grove,yes I am that old 🙁 , and they have since become TV Gold. How many hours will be spent discussing this show the next three weeks as it dominates our lives. Cant Wait!!


WHAT’S NOT- Paying gratuities up front on Celebrity Eclipse only to walk into your cabin after a long tiring day to see a WOW envelope on your bed asking for more donations. What do you think, this customer although did put 5 dollars in the envelope (was a nice person obviously) really didnt appreciate being asked to tip again , isnt that what paying tips up front is all about, plus you only have so much money to spend so another reason for paying tips at the booking stage is so you dont have to dip into your spending money on board. A little cheeky Celebrity Eclipse if you ask me.

WIFI CHARGES ON BOARD- mmm this seems to be a bit of a bug bearer and becoming increasingly more common now the world is changing into the 21st century with many people becoming users of laptops mobile phones in their daily routines. Now their are many angles to look at this from. You could think that when you are on holiday do you really need to keep updated to the outside world, couldnt you just be oblivious for 2 weeks to the life you once had and will have again when you return back to the uk. This customer had a good reason and need to keep in touch with her children as although old enough to be on their own I think my customer was worried her house was still standing and her beloved pet had been fed and not starved . All of which I completely agree with. Therefore charging $50 per cruise for peace of mind does seem a bit steep. Do you think the cruise lines are taking advantage of the fact we have to call home and why should you have to sail on a six star cruise or pay a fortune for a suite to get free wifi. Yours thoughts please?

Slow and unhelpful waiters on Oriana, apparently this is not the first instance where I have been told this. Most cruise lines pride themselves on there waiters who have been with the same company for years because they take pride in their work and their jobs. have you experienced bad service? and if so which cruise?


WHATS NEW – Well Royal Caribbean are about to launch something amazing on the 21st November, Lips are sealed at the moment but rumour has it that they have something BIG to make a song and dance about. Watch this space and as soon as I know anymore you will be the first to know.

CRUISE.CO.UK are Award Winners yet again, this time we picked up 2 Awards and the UK Cruise Awards. We won the P&O Greatest Growth Award (alot more rewarding than it sounds) and Princess Cruises Travel Agent Call Centre of the Year. This is in addition to our recently awarded Europe’s Leading Cruise travel Agent. I dont want to blow my own trumpet but I guess i will that I am very proud to be working for Cruise.Co and we are raring to go when we face head on The World Travel Awards at the end of November. World domination for Cruise.Co I hope so and its all thanks to our customers for supporting us and please continue to do so.

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