The reason this couple were kicked off Independence

Well it seems like it has been all fun and games on the Independence of the Seas recently. Although somebody’s fun came to an abrupt end after they were removed from the ship whilst on holiday.

Why? Well allegedly  a couple were caught in the hot tub in the adult area having I guess you could say some naughty fun, well I guess with it only being 5pm in the evening you can see quite rightly how some passengers were a little disgruntled. Royal Caribbean apparently didn’t take too kindly to it either as this particular couple were politely removed from this ship.

The fun and games didn’t end there either as further 11 guests were again allegedly removed from the ship on the same sailing for having engaged in a food fight in Windjammer.

Can you imagine it 11 guests throwing food at each other in the windjammer. I can only imagine that these particular guests had possibly over indulged in the drinks package, because I would hate to think that this kind of behaviour happened when sober. No excuse though. No customers wants to dive from being hit by a flying  bread roll when having a leisurely breakfast. According to a passenger who was on this sailing they were all asked to leave the ship, so that tells me the food fight must have been pretty out of order.

All credit to Royal Caribbean though for making a stance and upholding their non tolerant behaviour on board.

We just need the cruiselines now to uphold the policy on reserving sunbeds although to be fair is it getting better on board.

What do you think do you agree with Royal Caribbean or were they a little harsh.

Of course I was told about the above from a customer who was on board so I guess only Royal CAribbean themselves will know exactly what went on.

I absolutely love Royal CAribbean and I will look forward to my sailing in 4 months time with hopefully not a flying bread roll in site.

Keep up the good work Royal X

Cheers Holly





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