I guess this is news that many of you have been waiting for.

Yes P&O have recently announced that they are to trial drinks packages on some of their fleet in the coming months. So what are your thoughts good idea?

According to a recent poll on my Facebook page 89% of you would wholeheartedly welcome a drinks package of some sort. Depending on the price of course.

You can review the results my clicking on here Holly Crabtree’s Cruise Page P&O Poll regarding drinks

As we know P&O already offer wine and soft drinks packages, so does this mean they will be trialing  the fully All Inclusive drinks packages like Royal, Celebrity and NCl. If this is the case how will this affect cruise prices?

You could also think that if P&O were to add an All Inclusive drinks package would this be good competition to other cruise lines to possibly bring their drinks package prices down to match P&O possibly?

I also think some customers steer clear of P&O because they do not offer drinks packages whereas on the flip side many customers sail with P&O because the drinks are reasonable value on board and they don’t offer drinks packages as not everyone drinks on their holiday so will they be paying more for their cruise with the drinks package included.

I think a good solution would be just to offer it as an addition with their wine and soft drinks packages and let the customer decide if they wish to purchase it and to keep the cruise prices the same.

Including a ‘Free’ drinks package as we all know isn’t always necessarily Free as the cruise cost can increase to reflect this.

I like a drinks package and more often or not I book this from my cruise planner once I have booked the cruise but of course this also comes down to cost. When I was on Fred Olsen recently I actually spent less that what I would have done if I have bought the daily package.  Unusual for me i Know 😉

I guess we will just have to wait and see but watch this space..

What are your thoughts , I look forward to your comments below


Cheers Holly x



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