Paper Plane Making and Bean Bag Throwing on Celebrity Solstice

Some  passengers of mine have just returned from a 28 night back to back cruise on Celebrity solstice  sailing around Australia and New Zealand.

17 ports of call and 12 days at sea.

Now I guess when you have so many days at sea you like to think there are lots of activities to do during the day. So how about………………………….

Bean Bag throwing and a paper plane competition. Now don’t get me wrong my customers like to get involved in the various activities but I think these activities were a little bit extreme.

Over the tannoy, the entertainment manager explained that there was a competiton to make paper planes and to compete on how far your paper plane went. This activity was not chargeable 😉

Yes the excitement on board did not end there as you could also meet in the Atrium for a Bean Bag throwing competition. Guest were competing against the staff to run then throw a bean bag into a hole in a box.

Now Celebrity I am sure you can come up with more innovative ways to pass the time on sea days.

Here is a list of other activities during the day…….

General Knowledge trivia was in a morning and Music Trivia in an Afternoon, I have to say I often go to these myself and surprise myself in my level of general knowledge

Meet and Compete table Tennis

Art Auction

Lips to Lashes makeup class

Golf Putting Challenges

Laptop Training which was chargeable

Martini Flight Tasting which was  chargeable

Wine Tasting  chargeable

How to make a perfect Gyoza sushi dish

Hot Glass Classes was Chargeable

The legendary Silent disco was also on board and this is such great fun for all ages and free of course.

It would be interesting to see what unusual daytime activities you have experienced on board your cruise, could bean bag throwing and paper plane making be one of them.

There is a tin for every lid I guess and it is great to see a wide range of different activities for all on board , just a shame that some daytime activities are often chargeable too.

I look forward to your responses

Many Thanks Holly





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