Not much of a Christmas on Columbus

I guess we all have an image and expectation of sailing away into the sunset over Christmas. Not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but the thoughts of wonderful decorations, Christmas carols and sumptuous Christmas Fayre tempts us to part with a little more money than normal.

Apparently though for many guests this was far from the case when sailing on Cruise and Maritime’s Columbus this Christmas. It wasn’t just the lack of Christmas festivities that disappointed the guests the list was endless.

Just a Christmas Day Pantomime to look forward to and no mention of the Queens Speech on the magical day itself.

When the ship docked in Gibralter on Boxing Day the shops were of course closed and when the shuttle buses finished at 12 noon customers were left in limbo to get back to port. I haven’t heard this before but apparently the locals do not speak about this ship by name as they have a nickname and it goes along the lines of  there approach to the lack of spending money so I hear.

Now a fellow passenger mentioned the security regarding boarding the ship on the first place to say that any hand luggage wasn’t checked. Shouldnt this be a priority what do you think?

TV ‘s in your stateroom were in German, I am told that this is because the cruiseline will not pay for international channels , again a little thrifty with spending allegedly, not ideal if you are wanting a cosy night to watch a Christmas Movie. When sailing from Tilbury you would think it wouldnt be a problem to have English Channels in your stateroom.

Dining tables were double booked, whilst the waiters were rushed off their feet , spilling wine over passengers as they were rushing around and quite obviously showing a lack of staff to serve everyone efficiently.

All in all not a very pleasant experience. I would like to see what your thoughts are regarding a Christmas Cruise you have been on. I am sure most of you who have have had a wonderful time. One thing’s for sure Columbus ( if the above are to be correct and of course are just peoples opinions and version if events) you need to pull your socks up and be exceeding all expectations on every cruise and even more so at Christmas.

Holly xx








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