My First MSC Cruise, What do I think?

I have to say I have been lucky enough to have cruised with many different cruiselines throughout the years but one cruiseline that has recently been top of my list is the new MSC Meraviglia. Ever since I saw Jane Macdonald on this ship last year I knew a wanted a little taste of MSC.

Of course through my job I blog about new ships and no more so than MSC with their fabulous innovations and first at seas on their newer ships it kind of led me into an inquisitive world in which I was asking myself, What are MSC really all about?

So thankfully I have the opportunity to find out for myself on the 16th April when I board an MSC ship for the first time.

MSC have previously been known of the Marmite of this industry you either love them or hate them. After following them closely over the last few years it seems to me that they are well and truly rid of their Marmite nickname with many fellow passengers rating them highly.

Msc won’t be for everyone just like Cunard or Royal Caribbean wont be for everyone either , there is a cruiseline or two out there for all of us its just I guess dipping our foot into the water to find which ones they are.

So far I have three favourite ships:-

Celebrity Eclipse, Cunard Queen Mary and Allure of the Seas, it will be interesting to see where Meraviglia fits into my favourites and whether she does at all. I won’t hide the fact that I am a little excited and in awe of the features on board. I booked a group of 21 guests on Meraviglia last August and they absolutely loved her so I guess I have no doubt in my mind after following her so closely over the last 12 months that I will too enjoy my time on board.

Well one thing for sure you know I will always give a personal honest review. Watch this space!

Cheers Holly





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