Late flight from Singapore – Top Tips for your last day!

Singapore airport one of the finest airports in the world is about to open its doors to a 951 million pound development in April 2019.  Aptly named Jewel Chiang airport it really will be a jewel in the crown housing the biggest indoor waterfall and a lush four storey Forest Valley containing thousands of trees and plants. Described as a world class multi dimensional tourist destination the airport will be one of its kind offering passengers who travel through Singapore airport the most amazing array of things to do that I believe no other airport in the world can match.

Directly connected to terminals 1,2 and 3 the stunning 40 metre high rain Vortex, the worlds largest indoor waterfall, will also take centre stage. Impressive it will be.

So, when you disembark your cruise and head to the airport, you will have no need to feel anxious about long waits in the terminal for your evening flight as the Jewel will also house a 130 room hotel called Yotel Air where you will be able to shower and change and relax in the comfort of your own room until your flight , if this isn’t for you, then how about the new luggage storage system where you will be able to check your luggage in for your flight and take advantage of the early check in.

The top floor of the Jewel will offer you walking trails attractions and dining outlets under a huge Canopy with so much for you to do. This multi million pound offering really will bring a new dimension to travel.

If this wasn’t enough to keep you at the airport , then it has been made so easy for passengers to store their luggage and head off into the city. There are many options from all terminals in Singapore which offer transit into Singapore throughout the day and night.

Option 1 – Airport Taxis run 24/7 and can take you into the city centre for just $20 taking approx 20 minutes

Option 2 – MRT Train system departs from the basement of terminal 2&3, here you can purchase an EZ link card where you can top up any amount on this card and travel throughout the day and then anything you haven’t used have refunded on your return to the airport.  You can enter the destination  you wish to travel on a key pad eg Marina Bay , it will then tell you how much eg from $2 and then take you to your destination, depending where you wish to go the journey can take around 30 minutes.

Option 3 – Bus the longest time into the city centre around 90 minutes and charging from $2 dependent again on where you wish to go.

There is a sky train that can transport you to each terminal.

If you decide not to leave the airport what are the attractions open to you

Did you know that Singapore airport offers tours from the airport itself?

1 Discover Chiang Tour- A great way especially if you have children with you to have a full tour of the airport with interesting fun facts and insider information which could be really useful – Cost Free Duration 1 hour.

2. Singapore City Tour – you can either choose the Heritage Tour – filled with the history of Singapore City or City Sights Tour where you will see some of the most stunning views of Singapore itself! Cost Free, Duration 2.5 Hours

The airport also offers a transit lounge – where you will have access to showers, spa area , gym,swimming pool and numerous cocktail bars all for $58 per person.

I don’t know about you but this has opened up a whole new world for travel. I know many of you when you disembark your cruise at 9am and your flight isn’t until 9pm at night are concerned re the length of time you feel like you would be waiting around at the airport. Well this seems a truly remarkable way of making the most of your last delay before your flight.

If you are heading off to Singapore anytime soon have a truly wonderful time.







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