Is violence on cruise ships really on the rise?

Disheartening to read but It has recently been reported by a certain tabloid newspaper that violence and assaults at sea are on the rise, raising the question that do you think more security/police are needed on board.

With the offer of drinks packages Cruise and Maritime Law feel this is encouraging binge drinking and leading to more violent incidents.

Around 2 million UK passengers cruise every year but do you think cruiselines are doing enough to deter this sort of behaviour on board.

What do you think could be the solution? Extra police/Security? then who would foot the bill?

Of course there was the incident which was highlighted on a P&O cruise recently where a mass brawl broke out in the buffet and two arrests were made after 6 people were left with cuts and bruises.

Then there was a group of passengers who had been drinking all day and started to become rather unruly as the day went on and were immediately put into lock down and removed from the ship the following morning.

Personally I feel that the cruiselines take the safety of their passengers completely seriously and have the best security teams and state of the art security cameras in the business. Any incidents are dealt with swiftly and privately I am sure without any of us knowing. I think they do the most amazing job.

Many of my customers are called on return of their cruise and there are hardly ever any incidents on board.

Cruising is one of the safest way to travel we all know that but I have written this blog to ask the question what you think and have you ever experienced any issues at sea and do you think the tabloids are right ?

I look forward to your thoughts


Thanks Holly






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