On the 08.08.88 and just 16 years old I walked into my first job as a Travel Agent!

30 years on I am celebrating 30 years in the business and inviting you to join in the celebrations!

So……. Book your cruise holiday with me from the 08.08.18 to the 15.08.15 and I will add $100 to your onboard account to have a drink / special me on me!

A huge huge thankyou to all of you for your support in your reviews of my service, enquiries and bookings and to many of you who have also become friends. I genuinely couldn’t do my job without you.

I would like to say here is to the next 30 years but being honest with you I hope in 20 years time I am enjoying my retirements somewhere at the side of a pool with a cocktail in hand watching the sun go down.

Life is what you make it and the last 30 years in this business has been an exciting albeit challenging time but I wouldn’t change any of it. My best friends are colleagues I met over 20 years ago and it is true that the travel industry creates one huge family behind the scenes.

Here is a little history into the memories I have made over the last 30 years………….


At 8.50am on Monday 8th August 1988, I took my first steps into a Travel Agency for my very first day at work. Unbeknown to where this step into adult life would take me! I was a shy (I know hard to believe) young girl as I walked through the door. First Impressions was a small smoke filled square office, brochure racks on the left and right a counter in the middle, which I approached to say a very nervous hello to the big boss Dave and manager Fiona who were currently sitting chatting having a cup of tea and a cigarette. Well to be fair those were the days of the 80’s.

Intasun , Lancaster and Skytours filled the shelves, to name but a few. I would know, as that was basically my job for the first three months. Take the delivery of the brochures , then stamp them and lay them out neatly on the shelves day in and day out whilst making cups of tea for the customers. Once I had done that I had been given the very important job apparently of the filing . Filing away customer invoices in alphabetical order. At that point the dreams I had in my head of travelling to exotic destinations, which I told myself was part of the job, meeting new people and sending customers to hot and sunny climbs was very much non existent. Unbeknown to me it was part of the job for a YTS (Youth Training Scheme) which I was apart of. A whole £29.5 per week for 37.5 hours work I was given and I thought I was rich.
On my first pay check in cash in a little brown envelope I went and treated myself to a Rainbow Dress , totally too old for me but I bought it anyway because I could. Lesson one was learnt. Do not be frivolous with money.

8th August 1988 wasn’t just my first day of work, it was the day Princess Beatrice was born! That year Ronald Reagan was President. The Only Way Is Up was in the top 5 by Yazz, Zoya by Danielle Steele was one of the best selling books and if you were into video Games then it was The legendary Axe or Herbert you may have been playing.

How times have changed in the space of 30years. I would like to say I started my first job at the age of 6 so 30 years on I would of course be now this year 36 years of age. Unfortunately we all know that in the 80’s you started work at the age of 16 so I will let you do the maths.

I do remember though when I was 18 years old and after completing my YTS Scheme as a fully qualified travel Agent I went to work for A.T.Mays in Atherton and the manager Lesley there told me I should have been a hairdresser as I wasnt’t cut out for Travel. It was rather bitter sweet when I was made Manager there at the age of 20, Of course she never came back to the same store after maternity leave I wonder why. The good old days they were.

I stayed in Management then throughout my career mainly spent at Going PLaces in Leigh before I moved over the border ( yes with passport in hand ) to Leeds where I continued in management until the store closed in 2012. A very sad day I think when Going Places was no more as I had a great time there as regional Cruise Co Ordinator.

So here I am at Cruise.Co.Uk celebrated my 5 years as homeworking cruise consultant. I have had a great time in the last five years and can honestly say I have never been happier working from home and sending customers all over the world. I am more passionate about my job now that I have ever been. As some of you may know I won Homeworker of the Year in 2014 and Cruise Agent of the Year in 2016, I asked why me and the judging panel said it was my passion , dedication and my customer reviews that did it. Ok I said and was rather embarrassed ?

A nostalgic day tomorrow filled with many fabulous memories of 30 years. I have a little bottle of Moet ready to open to say cheers to the most wonderful customers I have met over the years, to the most wonderful colleagues who have become friends and to my wonderful children who have supported me throughout my journey when I have worked away and worked long hours.

I look back at the girl who was 16 years old and I do wonder where she has gone and then I think to myself, she went to the place where dreams are made of and here I am.

So? Looking to book a cruise?

CALL ME ON 08004086114



And i will add some Free Spendin money onto your account for any cruise you book within the dates mentiones as long as the duration is 7 nights or more.


Thanks again for everything

Holly xxx





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