Holly’s Port to Port Guide Part 1 Singapore

Always wanted to know top tips on the ports of call you are visiting , then look no further as every few weeks I will be giving you a a warts and all account of cruise ports around the world, including things they don’t tell you in the brochure. So be prepared ! I myself have visited many cruise ports over the years , some amazing and some not so great , so please feel free to comment on your experiences and I hope that this insight gives you the information you seek.

Whether you are new to cruise or a savvy cruiser , you can never have to much information on the ports of call you are visiting. This week I will be focusing on Singapore , which seems to be one of the most popular cruise destinations in 2014/2015. If you have any suggestions for my readers then please feel free to comment.


In its own way, Singapore is an oasis in Southeast Asia. It enjoys a low crime rate, and its infrastructure — from road and mass-transit systems to a state-of-the-art airport at Changi — is highly sophisticated. The city also is clean — so much so that, for years, people were forbidden by law to chew gum in its streets, and eating on the subway can result in a heavy fine. This modern and dynamic destination — which ranks either as a pro or a con, depending on your sensibilities — is to cities what Disney is to theme parks.

Technically a city-state, Singapore, connected with man made bridges to Malaysia, is made up of a main island and more than 60 surrounding islets. The mainland spans 42 kilometres east to west and 23 kilometres north to south. In the north, it shares a border with Malaysia; in the south, islands belonging to Indonesia can be visited via a short ferry ride. Singapore is located just north of the equator and is sultry, tropical and humid year-round.



SCC@HarbourFront has 2 terminals, the International Passenger Terminal (IPT) and the Regional Ferry Terminal (RFT). An intensely used terminal, more than 4.5 million cruise and ferry passengers use SCC@HarbourFront each year.

Cruise ships dock at The Marina Cruise Centre, which is connected to the Harbour Front Centre, a huge shopping mall and ferry terminal, and features many shops,  restaurants,  internet cafes and even a post office. Finding your way through the terminal can sometimes be confusing as this is a huge area, and always busy or some would say overcrowded so I would advise to get there early to familiarise yourself with it, but once done, taxis are generally available. Harbour Front Centre also has a metro station, bus interchange and cable car links to Sentosa Island and Mount Faber. All these connections are within easy walking distance of the cruise centre. Singapore International Airport is around a twenty minute drive away and thee city centre is just minutes away from the via the city’s subway system

Many flights leaving Singapore don’t always fit in with embarkation times so please note there is a Baggage Storage facility at the port for you to store your luggage and feel free to visit the city and the rest of your time there before your flight.


All methods of transport are readily available to take you into the city, and once there you again have many options to see the sights. A hop on hop off bus takes you to 90 per cent of the sights in Singapore and seems to be a big hit with regular visitors.  On a one day visit it is difficult to identify the most important place in Singapore to visit. One of the most picturesque activities is a ride on a Bum Boat down the river from Clarke Quay They run all day, but night time is best. A must see is a visit to Sentosa Island, aptly named ‘Asias’s favourite playground’, here you will find Universal Studios , amazing beaches and overall 11 amazing attractions to keep you busy for days. Entry is free to Sentosa and a quick cable car ride or the express train from Marina Bay will have you there in minutes.



For the best deals in food go to the shopping malls underground attached to the MRT stations. This where the locals eat and the tourist can avoid the traps found above ground. The trains are the best and cheapest way to get around, and simple when you get the hang of them. Cost of drinks and meals in restaurants can be expensive so do your research. Eating and drinking at certain times of day can bring the costs down.

Singapore is a city unlike no other and above all will exceed any expectations you have . This place is stunningly beautiful not just by the scenery but in everything it has to offer .

If you require any further details on cruises in Singapore or maybe you would like me to add a Singapore hotel stay before or after your cruise. Please call me and I will be only to happy to do this for you. Remember Singapore seems to be one of the must see destinations for 2014 with alot of cruise itineraries selling fast as is early 2015 so there is no better time to plan than now.



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