Fabulous Choice for 2020 ex Southampton. Are you booked yet?

Southampton cruise port, the busiest cruise port in Europe and the 15th busiest cruise port in the World now gives us more choice than ever before due to the demand of all the passengers who travel through each year and to cope with the ever increasing new business.

Four terminals serve the 1.7 million passengers who use Southampton as their preferred cruise port each year.

So the demand is high so surely the cruiselines had no choice but to give their customers more choice and different destinations to choose from and so they have . Finally 2020 is adrift with excitement and has been since the launch of Iona in September.

P&O and Princess are now on sale which is said to have prompted Royal CAribbean and Celebrity to bring their launch forward as possibly concerned they are missing out on their market share.


Are Royal Caribbean and Celebrity saving the best til last and bringing out the big guns.

On the 20th November Anthem of the Seas will go on sale for 2020 sailing from Southampton. The hype is already brewing for this ship as is the demand for possibly Allure of the Seas back in Europe since 2015 as she is due for her 10 year refit.

Not only that Celebrity has announced that their brand new ship Apex, Edge Class, will also be sailing out of SOuthampton in 2020. Celebrity Edge is doing amazing for 2019 in the med and even her higher prices havent put people off booking her , lets be honest an amazing ship and some of her destinations to the eastern med are second to none so I can see why she has done well.

So are you booked for 2020 if not are you waiting for Royal or celebrity to launch in the next couple of weeks.

Email me Hollyc@cruise.co.uk your interest and I will be in touch with itineraries and prices.

What will I be doing? Well being a Celebrity fan I am  booking the Apex , on sale 29th November.

I look forward to hearing from you

Cheers Holly xx





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