Customers stranded overnight in Sports Hall in Monaco. P&O did the best they could!

As some of you may have read in the media, although don’t they like to exaggerate ,  over a 1000 customers who were sailing on Azura were tendered out to Monte Carlo on Saturday morning. Due to weather conditions the tenders were unable to transport passengers back to the ship Saturday afternoon so P&O had no choice but accommodate all passengers overnight in resort.

Unfortunately the fact there was a Yacht Show on over the weekend didn’t help the situation to house over 1000 guests as hotels were full, so the decision and only option was a sports hall.  Now in this situation a sports hall is far from ideal but what I do know is that the Captain tried to move the ship 3 times with the idea of stopping at Villefranche as a much more sheltered area for tenders to get back to the ship but this was also a no go, the sea was just too rough.

Passenger safety is paramount on every occasion, and from what I hear P&O staff were fantastic and looked after everyone to the best of their ability under the circumstances. The elderly were given priority on beds and there was a full medical team on hand with supplies. I guess when on a tender port you do not think of taking any medication needed with you but the medical team were on hand if needed.

The sports hall wasn’t cold as reported by the media, uncomfortable maybe but not cold . I can fully sympathise with everyone’s feelings on Saturday night about the situation they found themselves, no one would want to be in that situation including myself but when it comes to cruising as we know the weather can be so unpredictable and itineraries can be changed ports of call can be cancelled at last minute and all for the safety of every one of the passengers and crew on board.

Two crew members were injured and sadly one crew member fell overboard in trying to help passengers but glad to say apparently he is now back at work. An awful situation for passengers and of course crew.

I here a full days refund and £50pp on board credit has been given to affected passengers.

Good news is that all passengers were taken by buses to Villefranche Sunday morning and boarded the ship and no doubt probably went to bed.

This is a highly unusual situation but tender ports can be it and miss with the weather on every sailing.

Has this ever happened to you?

Let me know and I look forward to your thoughts

Many Thanks holly

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