Chaos on Constellation in La Spezia

Celebrity Constellation faced one of its toughest challenges yesterday as high winds ripped through the mediterranean.

Due to torrential rain and high winds  Constellation apparently broke its moorings and the back of the ship accidentally hit into the front of moored up Costa Magica. This was only for a matter of seconds as after what seemed like sounding her horn Constellation somehow gained composure and moved away. Any damage done to Costa Magica if any remains unknown .

It was a concern as to whether Constellation would remain on her journey to the port of civitavecchia as according to reports the port was closed at some point yesterday again due to the weather.

With this being the case, passengers who were on an early flight from Rome this morning, were asked if they wanted to make the 5.5 hour coach journey from La Spezia to Rome airport last night or take the risk and remain on board hoping Constellation makes Civitavecchia on time for their disembarkation in Rome this morning and of course for their onward flights back to the UK.

Some passengers according to twitter were still seen leaving the ship to board their coach at 1am this morning to make the journey to Rome Airport after Celebrity had given back their luggage.

Currently Celebrity Constellation is now on route to Civitavecchia port where the estimated time of arrival will be between 1pm and 2pm local time this afternoon.

Customers on board have been told they can keep their cabins for the time being and all facilities are operating as normal on board.

Celebrity are currently asking all passengers who have flights booked through Celebrity to contact Choice Airways who are currently organising flights alternative flights home.

We all know that any passenger who has booked flights with an agent or the operator will be covered through their ATOL license and return flights will be rebooked.

A tough situation for everyone on board but as we all know safety is always paramount to passengers and crew in any given situation.

Celebrity are one of the best cruiselines in the world and I know they will do whatever they can in the circumstances given to make sure their passengers are their number one priority.

Safe journey for everyone today and thoughts to the CAptain and Crew who work round the clock to make sure all passengers are ok.

Holly x



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