If this was April you would think it was an April Fool, but no, true as I am sat here P&O cruises have just announced they have abolished gratuities from May 2019 across all sailings.

P&O have said this morning  ‘We take huge pride in giving you a holiday that is truly memorable and our team on board is committed to providing exceptional service. From May 2019 ( cruises A8911, B912, E911/A J903, N910, R907, X907 and all thereafter) the discretionary daily service charge on board will be removed so you can relax knowing it is all taken care of.’

So what do you think?

I think it is about time, this should have always been the mantra for all cruiseslines. Staff on board should be looked after by the cruiseline giving the service we expect in the price we pay.

Although I will still be happy to tip if the service is great because that is the world we live in but now it is so much nicer to know that the choice of tipping is now totally in our hands regardings amounts and down to our personal opinions.

Huge well done P&O

Now I guess the question is, will other cruiselines follow?

What do you think? Good news ? Will you still be happy to tip or do you worry service may lack now no tips are given.

It would be interesting to know though if P&O are paying their staff more to compensate. We all know how hard the staff work on board so I hope their salaries are not compromised.

I look forward to your thoughts on this breaking news.

Cheers Holly xx





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