Bellissima!!! MSC install ‘Alexa’ in all cabins!

Another ‘Cruise Industry First’ for MSC as they announce that on their latest ship Bellissima  which launches next MArch, will offer an ‘Alexis’ style virtual assistant in every cabin.

This will be on the Belissima to start with and hope to have this device in all cabins over their entire fleet in the next few years.

Alexa was made by Amazon and if you are not aware of what Alexa does, let me explain. This virtual assistant interacts with you via voice recognition, also plays music, makes to do lists, sets alarms , plays audiobooks and also provides weather, traffic and other information hitting the headlines.

So how will this ‘Alexa’ style device fit into cabins, quite nicely I would say, I am loving the idea. You will be able to ask your virtual assistant about on board services and facilities in up to seven languages. Your information and the questions you ask and the things you are interested in will then be stored into the device and can be used the next time you travel.

It will be customised to life on board  and for each individual passenger and can be activated by guests anytime. As the device wont be any bigger than 15cm you wont even know it is there.

Imagine how easier it would be to ask what entertainment is on today, or if your in an inside cabin you can ask what the weather is like without going onto top deck in your pj’s to find out. So many benefits and how apt to launch this device on the brand new Bellissima.

Bellissima will be a wonderful addition to the MSC fleet and if you like Meraviglia then Bellissima is even better. She has a 2 deck promenade featuring a spectacular 80 metre long LED dome which will be lined with shops, bars and restaurants. With 20 bars and 10 restaurants to choose from you really will be spoilt for choice. Cirque du Soleil shows will be designed specifically for Bellissima too and if you have never seen this show you really are in for a treat. Don’t forget though if you are travelling as a family kids have thier own desert themed water park to spend their days in .

I have to hand it to MSC how they have blown the industry away with their vision and brought it to a reality with the latest technology featuring industry firsts.

I myself will be making sure I sail on the Bellissima in 2019 .

For prices and availability then please do call me 08004086114

Cheers Holly





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